our mission

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  • To unite the American people around policies rather than political parties.
  • To find bipartisan policy solutions to America’s most critical challenges, and to mobilize voters behind those solutions.
  • To build an advocacy network of individuals and organizations across the country.
  • To create common ground for voters and elected officials of both parties to come together in shared purpose.

A Better Approach to Political Action

Credit  Ian MacKenzie

Mission Critical: Upgrade America's Voting Systems

The fight for America's national security has moved from the battlefield to the ballot box. Your local polling place is now on the front lines in the struggle for freedom, liberty, democracy, and the American way of life.

Your representatives have the ability to safeguard our nation from threats to our voting systems.

Contact your House and Senate representatives IMMEDIATELY and tell them to pass the bipartisan "Secure Elections Act" to replace outdated voting machines (especially machines that do not produce an auditable paper ballot), increase cyber security standards, and solicit regular security updates from the Department of Homeland Security.

America is in danger. The time for action is now!