Become a Local Leader

“The name of American, which belongs to you in your national capacity, must always exalt the just pride of patriotism more than any appellation derived from local discriminations.” -George Washington

Chapter Materials

Standard Operating Procedure - The SOP is the central guiding document for starting and running your Chapter.

10 Point Agenda - This summation of our agenda is a perfect one-page handout for events or visiting representative offices.

Nonpartisan Policy Alliance PPT - Use this power point when promoting our organization to other groups and individuals.

NPA Powerpoint Notes - Use these speaking notes in conjunction with the power point.

Chapter or Company Commander Pledge - Every Chapter/Company Commander must initial, sign, and date this pledge.

Membership Pledge - Every member must initial, sign, and date this pledge.

NPA Image - Use this poster to advertise the organization.

Election Security PPT - Use this presentation with other organizations. Make sure to read from the notes pages.

America’s partisan divisions have become so destructive to the very fabric of our society that they now represent a tangible threat to our national security. It is essential that we produce a counter-movement of moderate and patriotic Americans who place the needs of their country over the desires of their political party. The Nonpartisan Policy Alliance is working to accomplish this mission through a nationwide network of allied individuals and citizens working to bring voters and elected representatives together around bipartisan policies.

But this movement is not ours to lead. It is yours. Real change will happen at the local level, which makes your actions even more valuable than our actions in Washington D.C. Work with us to inform and unify voters in your community, and together we will change the nation. Never forget- we, the moderates, are the majority. We must pull our parties back from the extremes, force cooperation if necessary, and demand that our representatives focus on solving America’s problems rather than obstructing action on partisan grounds. 

Guiding Principles:

- We are an inclusive movement, willing to work with other groups and individuals on the specific policy goals that we have in common even if we may disagree on other issues.

- We do not address issues outside of our bipartisan agenda. This allows us to garner widespread support with minimal opposition.

- We do not support political parties or candidates, but work with both to advance our bipartisan policy solutions and to form bipartisan alliances among elected representatives.

- We believe that the American people are good, honest, hard-working, charitable people who deserve better. This is true of every community across the 50 states, without exception.

- We do not judge our fellow Americans based on stereotypes, or preconceived notions regarding their race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation, or geographic location. We do not work with organizations or individuals that do utilize such bias and stereotypes when judging our fellow Americans.

- We reject violence, hatred, divisiveness, and intolerance.

- We respect, support and defend all Americans who adhere to these principles.

- We believe that America represents the greatest ideals of mankind, and these ideals are worth fighting for.