Voting Machines: America's Soft Underbelly?

America’s bravest men and women have been sacrificed on battlefields around the world in defense of freedom, democracy, and the American way of life. But when that defense requires money rather than blood, suddenly the American way of life doesn’t seem so valuable.

At least, that is the takeaway from our research into one of America’s most significant national security vulnerabilities- voting machines. In particular, we are deeply concerned by the continued use of voting machines that do not produce a verifiable paper trail. These machines are still utilized in over a dozen states, including swing states like Pennsylvania.

If these machines are tampered with, hacked into, or if they just have a computer error, then votes could be altered or lost entirely without any way of recounting the ballots. When we spoke with representatives of the Board of Elections in these various states, we were told that the primary impediment to replacing these vulnerable machines was simply money. That is the reason that our next election could be thrown into total chaos.

Our military budget for 2018 will be more than $600 billion, providing us with security against a wide range of physical threats to America’s interests. But all of those tanks, planes, ships and troops cannot defend us against attacks on our elections. Replacing all of the paperless voting machines in America could cost as little as $123 million, according to the Brennan Center for Justice.

Congress must:

-Provide matching funds to states that still need to replace their paperless voting machines

-Provide funds, personnel and expertise for better after-election audits

-Mandate that the Department of Homeland Security brief Congress annually on emerging threats to our elections and possible solutions

Contact your representatives today and demand these policies. Tell them “I want my vote to count!”