Primaries Coming: Moderates Needed

If we want to reduce polarization in America, and restore sanity and civility, then we need moderate voices to drown out the extreme elements which commandeer our primaries and force candidates to move further from the center.

During general elections, the moderate majority gets to make the final decision on who should be elected to office. But if the primary has produced candidates that are extremist in ideology then it is already too late. The American people will be forced to support one extreme or the other and the moderate majority will be dragged towards these extremes in the process.

This is a significant factor in the increasing gulf between the positions of the two parties. Ideally, both parties would be close enough to the center that it would not take a great feat of strength to pull the sides together on various issues. But extremist candidates make such compromise and cooperation impossible.

By supporting far-right or far-left candidates, the American people are supporting Congressional gridlock, lack of progress on the most important issues, and a further erosion of American cohesion. We need moderate voters to take back the primary process.

With 2018 around the corner, it is the job of every American to get involved in your local and state primaries. Reject extremist candidates that can bring nothing but further dysfunction to American politics. Sound the call for reason and sanity.

Don't let a small group of voters decide who you will choose from in the general election. Moderates- stand together and take back your primaries!