A New Approach to Political Action

This organization lays the blame for our current political dysfunction on unnecessary and misguided divisions which prevent our citizens from working in unity toward a new century of American innovation, economic growth, entrepreneurship and global leadership. Throughout the pages of our website, you will find that on nearly every issue there are clear, actionable and bipartisan solutions which can form the blueprint for a new national movement of empowered citizens willing to place country before party.

It is in the national interest to unify, inform and empower the American people to fight for this agenda. This increased political action will bring with it a liberation from feelings of fear, helplessness, suspicion, hatred, and victimization. The new sentiment to permeate the American electorate will be comradery, control, power, hope, and optimism. That is the compulsory attitude of empowered men and women.

Americans are not meant to be despondent. We are an active, rebellious and creative people. When directed toward an attainable goal, these qualities have set us apart as the most proactive and effective nation on Earth. Our people crave challenge and purpose. This is in our very nature and national character, tested and proven throughout our history. Time and time again, we have done the impossible. Whenever America has been able to focus collectively on a particular goal, we have succeeded no matter how great the odds or how extraordinary the objective. The only reason for our current dysfunction is our inability to share a collective vision. Together, we put a man on the moon. Divided, we can’t even pass a budget on time.

We need to stand side by side again. We need to respect, defend and support each other again. We are Americans. That distinction is far more meaningful than party affiliation.