Pennsylvania's Outdated Voting Machines

In what is great news to those of us in the Nonpartisan Policy Alliance, Montgomery County PA is holding an "open house" to evaluate new voting machines later this month. This county is looking to update their old voting machines in response to rising concerns over election security.

Montgomery County is an important case study for Pennsylvania because, like most of the state, this county uses Direct Recording Electronic voting machines. These machines use touch screen only vote tabulation and produce no physical backup for votes that have been cast. This means that if there is any hacking, tampering, or even just simple computer glitches, there may be no way to recount the votes.

Pennsylvania, a critical swing state, has a real problem with this type of machine. Most of the state uses them with some districts relying entirely on these paperless machines. The state must dedicate real resources to helping counties update and replace these voting machines.

Congress could do a lot to help states like Pennsylvania, and many others with outdated and vulnerable voting machines, by passing the bipartisan Secure Elections Act. This act, introduced by three Republican Senators and three Democratic Senators, would help states to upgrade their voting machines and would provide better guidance to state election officials regarding evolving cyber and software threats. Contact your Senators and tell them to pass the Secure Elections Act today!